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In March of 2020, just as we were realizing that the Coronavirus was for real and could have a devastating effect, I heard two words in prayer. I was asking God if there was anything He was saying through this virus. The words I heard were: BE READY!


I immediately knew what God was saying to me. Tough days were ahead. I instinctively went to Matthew 24, where Yeshua unpacks His end-time teaching. Verse eight jumped out at me: "These are the beginning of birth pangs."


Over the next two months it was like God was dropping chapters into my spirit for a book. But this is more than a book. It is encouragement and a strong warning for the coming days. If you embrace its message, it could save your soul…literally.

Birth pangs come in waves. Just when everyone was thinking that things seemed to be improving regarding COVID-19…


  • President Trump was calling for the USA to open by Easter, 


  • PM Netanyahu was getting worldwide praise for how he handled the plague and Israel started opening up just after Passover, 


  • Famous prophets were saying that Corona would end on Passover (like the plagues of Egypt) or that an Easter heatwave was going to burn up Corona. They said that God said that!


Then, BOOM, another birth pang! George Floyd was killed by police officers in Minnesota. Protests and riots broke out all over America—and spread overseas. Sadly, the church did very little to take advantage of the moment and reach out to Black America with the love of Yeshua. Some did, but most, instead, went to their political corners, not considering that God might be speaking to us. 

Megachurch pastors were saying that soon we would be back to normal, not realizing that God might be speaking to us about a new normal. Others adapted and have reached thousands, even millions, via Zoom and the Internet. “Prophets” were quick to say, “all is well, and the stock market will rise again. Prosperity is coming! God is good; He would never send a virus.” One even boldly proclaimed it would not touch America—then it did. 

Christians, mostly in America, were screaming about their rights being violated, forgetting that our lives belong to Yeshua. Paul said, 


“I have been crucified with Messiah and I no longer live, but Messiah lives in me,” (Galatians 2:20a) and, “You are not your own; you were bought at a price.” (1 Corinthians 6:19a-20b)

Ron Cantor

 CEO, Tikkun International 

​I believe with all my heart that God is seeking to remind us of our holy commission, which is the Great Commission. During the coming days, weeks, months and years, we have to get back to the task of sharing the life-changing power of Yeshua! The US Constitution is an amazing document that guarantees the rights of all Americans. However, the Bible is an even more amazing document that says Jesus purchased us and we are His bondservants to do His bidding. He has commanded us to make disciples, preach the Gospel and extend the borders of His kingdom.


The best is truly yet to come. Revival! Yes, real New Testament, Book-of-Acts-and-beyond revival is on the horizon. But so is persecution. 


When Corona came and was immediately followed by racial tensions, our knee-jerk reaction should have been, how does God want to use this to bring Yeshua to more people? But most sought to “save their own lives.” According to Luke 9:24, that is how you lose your life. It is the one who embraces the cross and follows Yeshua who finds it. Let me be biblically blunt: Dead people have no rights! We live to serve Him. 

It is a new day, dear friend. We must prepare! I am not speaking about hiding water and lentils. I am talking about getting strong in Yeshua; taking your stand for the gospel, no matter what comes. An Olympian exercises day and night for years, so he or she is ready for competition. We must build up our faith. Friends, being forbidden to sing in church in California is nothing compared to the persecution prophesied for the end times. Get strong. Get ready. 


This is why I wrote Birth Pangs: To warn people to get ready, so togetherwe can get equipped. For the one who has embraced the cross and died to himself, the end times will be exciting. For the one trying to save their life, it will be terrifying. Jesus Himself said “many will turn away from the faith.” I don’t want you to be one of them!


If you are going to give a prophecy where you speak “thus says the Lord,” you better be sure you’re hearing from God. You can’t just come back a few months later and say, boy that’s not what I thought was going to happen—not without repenting to your hearers for giving them false hope and then submitting yourself to counsel from other leaders.

—  Ron Cantor





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